Invest in stocks in easy way!

Invest your money to stocks of Uzbek companies and raise your capital


Investment to Uzbekistan companies


In order to ensure the reliability of our users' investments, we select only high- and medium-liquid stocks from the quotation list of the RSE "Toshkent"


With the help of graphical tools, you can visually analyze the dynamics of the stock price, the structure of your portfolio and other indicators


After the purchase of shares, the average purchase price is fixed, on the basis of which you can track your income or loss based on the current value of the stock


The system is integrated directly with the RSE Toshkent platform, each purchased share is registered personally in your name, and issuers (companies) see you in the list of shareholders

Jett service

is available in Multicard application and other apps

Easy and comfortable access to Republican stock Exchange “Toshkent”

  • Realtime quotes
  • Charts and Analytics
  • Purchase and sale of securities

Investment Portfolio

Assemble your portfolio and analyze the profitability of the portfolio with the help of convenient tools, get income from the sale of shares or dividends


Open brokerage account ONLINE

Install the Multicard app

In the Multicard application, open the "Investments" page and start opening a brokerage account

Complete identification

Specify the passport number, date of birth and complete remote identification process

Brokerage account in 15 minutes

Your account will be opened within 15 minutes during the exchange's working hours (from 9:30 to 16:00 on weekdays), and you will receive a notification about it

Investors Card

One card - many possibilities

Order a Multicard card to withdraw funds from a brokerage account, as well as receive other unique opportunities

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Investment service Jett
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Begin Begin
Client account
Online opening of a Client accountNew 10 thousand sum According to the agreement with the broker
Closing a Client Account For free According to the agreement with the broker
Client Account Changes For free According to the agreement with the broker
Deposits and withdrawals (Uzcard) 1,0% 0,8% 1,0% 0,8%
Deposits and withdrawals(Humo) 1,0% 0,3% 1,0% 0,3%
Deposits and withdrawals (Multicard) Order 1,0% 0,0% 1,0% 0,0%
Trading operations at RSE "Toshkent"
Shares (purchase) 1,19% According to the agreement with the broker
Shares (sale) 1,20% According to the agreement with the broker
Obligations (Buy, sell) 0,41% According to the agreement with the broker
IPO/SPO New 2% According to the agreement with the broker
Access to services
Monthly subscription fee
For free 30 thousand sum   9 thousand sum
(30 days free)
Investment portfolio
Market and screener
Information about shares and issuers
Professional ChartsNew  
Transaction information

* The commission fee of the Investment intermediary when executing trading operations with shares and bonds includes the expenses of the organizations serving the trades.